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Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Kadhai 3.5 Liters

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Param Upyog flat-bottom Kadhai/Kadai, perfect for your quick, shallow frying or simmering needs, spreads the heat uniformly enabling you to serve up delicious crisp-fried potatoes or slow-cooked Dal Makhani. The use of welded handles, ditching the conventional riveted ones, makes cleaning the Kadai totally hassle-free & hygienic; no more annoyances caused by food getting stuck inside the handles! The elegantly-styled Kadhai also blends in any kitchen quite well with its steel color.

o Features:
▸ Capacity: 3.50 Liters
3mm thickness
▸ Heat Spreads Evenly; No Burnt Food
Low Flame cooking; Fuel Efficient
▸ Resistant to Rust
▸ 100% Food-Grade
▸ Easy to Clean & welded Handles
▸ Dishwasher-Safe
▸ Shiny Exterior


Stainless Steel


▸ 3mm thickness

▸ Heat Spreads Evenly; No Burnt Food
▸ Resistant to Rust
▸ 100% Food-Grade
▸ Easy to Clean & Arc-welded Handles
▸ Dishwasher-Safe
▸ Shiny Exterior

Care & Cleaning

▸Avoid using metal scrappers, spoons or ladles for cooking. We suggest using wooden spoons.

We recommend keeping the flame low for the entire duration of cooking, this will ensure proper cooking of the food from with-in (Promote slow-cooking) and also reduce the cleaning time.

▸All the utensils can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well.

▸Wipe dry all the utensils immediately after cleaning them with water and detergent. This will help you keep your utensils free from any water spots.

Storage Instruction

▸ After cleaning, wipe dry the utensil and store away from dust.