About Us

We are Harsh International, India’s first health-oriented utensils unit, who’s humble beginnings incepted with a trading & manufacturing business of Stainless-Steel sheets three decades in the past by our founder Mr. Surender Goel under the name of M/s Goel Metals & Strips Co. Passage of time and growth in the industry oversaw the foundation of a new venture for export as M/s Harsh International.

Widely known and regarded for our distinction in maintaining quality like no other under the precious guidance of Mr. Goel, who with his extensive knowledge and experience of over 35 years in the industry also spearheaded the establishment of Paramparagat Upyogita® to bring a glint of the long-forgotten Indic culture via our premium range of luxe brassware to rekindle the essence of the Sattvic way of life, Param Upyog® Epitomizes the essence of practicality, durability and aesthetic with a vast range of products that are only made with the motivation to inspire and influence. But the prestige doesn’t come with the leeway to skimp or cut back on the promise of quality and the craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the name of Param Upyog. The use of specially curated Superior Quality Food-Grade Stainless Steel which goes toes-to-toes, and is quite akin, with the quality used in more flourished economies, for example, the USA, is quite
unparalleled and unmatched in our country.

                                                    Quote by the Founder
We, at Harsh International, consider it our duty to bring you products which are the perfect amalgamation of elegance and simplicity. Merely calling them ‘Bartans’ doesn’t do justice to the effort, care and thought that goes into crafting each product. It is with nothing but pride that I ask you to give our products a welcome into your kitchen and feel the quality that you’ve just heard about until now.
-Surender Goel

We are an innovative company which believes in passing on the traditional values to forth coming generations from our ancestors.

Unlike any other premium brands, PARAMPARAGAT UPYOGITA® is India’s first Health Utensils Brand, deeply rooted to its culture. We have understood how to preserve its value while still moving with the times. PARAMPARAGAT UPYOGITA is a brand that is led by the idea of the best designs which not only complement the modern look but also have the ability to provide us with ample health benefits. We produce innovative and stylish products to enhance people's lives, provide continuous inspiration and open up new horizons for truly personalised decor.

Brass (Pital/पीतल) is a combination of zinc and copper wherein copper helps combat diseases like arthritis, anaemia, helps keep the skin glowing; zinc helps in building immunity.

The basic idea behind the production of पीतल के बर्तन was to bring in practice the heritage of our ancestors through which we were distinctly known as the Land of Culture and Tradition.