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Paramparagat Upyogita Rajsi 11" Single Thali Set

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"We, at PARAMPARAGAT UPYOGITA, have curated for you an exclusive range of brass utensils to celebrate both history and a future of love, and convey how much you mean to us. We offer a range of products which will not only be gifts but a token of love to be treasured forever, so look no further than our collection of luxury gifts to celebrate your special day. The basic idea behind the production of these utensils is to bring back the heritage of our ancestors through which we were distinctly known as the Land of Culture and Tradition. We understand how to preserve the value of our Heritage while still moving with the modern tunes.

The white, lustrous appearance of SILVER makes it to be the epitome of classic grace and delightful luxury. Silver utensils have been used since the medieval times not only for their beauty and luxury but also for their anti-bacterial and medicinal properties.

✔Heavy Quality Pure Brass Dinner Thali Set With Silver coating on both sides
✔Finish - Silver
✔Features - A must have addition to your vintage utensils collection for the unmatched royal and sophisticated feel.
✔Inclusions –
1 - 11"" Dinner Plate
1 - Glass
3 - Bowls (Katoris)
1 – Spoon
1 - Fork
✔Care Instructions - Use only Foam and Mild Liquid Detergent to clean the utensils. Store at a dry place when not in use. Incase of no antioxidation layer, the tableware shall oxidise naturally."


Brass with Tin coating inside

Benefits of Brass

"Silver is a mineral of Earth that –
▸ Protects the body by contracting flu.
▸ Prevents bacteria from silver objects, hence protecting our food and keeping it fresh for long Increases immune system.
▸ Has a cooling effect on the body that can help soothe digestion and help the body’s metabolic system.
▸ Is used in Ayurvedic medicine in small amounts as a tonic, elixir or rejuvenate agent for patients debilitated by age or disease.

Benefits of Brass:

▸ Brass utensils prevent abdominal infections and intestinal ailments to a great extent.
▸ Brass utensils are considered to be 100% pure and safe for health. The natural oils released while cooking in these brass utensils add a completely unique flavour to the food.
▸ Since brass utensils are a combination of zinc and copper these contain the benefits of both these metals.
▸ Copper helps combat disease like arthritis, anaemia. It also helps reduce aging and keeps the skin glowing.
▸ Whereas the zinc element present in brass utensils help sharpen the memory, purify blood, and much more.
▸ The upside of Cooking in the Brass utensils is that lone 7 percent supplements are lost by cooking nourishment in brassware.
▸ Water stored in a brass vessel increases strength and immunity.
▸ Brass also helps pacify pitta (burning sensations, aggression), increases haemoglobin count, and improves the general condition of your skin.
▸ Brass will not change the qualities of the material that is placed in the container."

Benifits of Tin

Benefits of Tin
▸ Tin helps in reducing the followings –
Risk of Cancer
Chances of Dental cavities
Tooth sensitivity
Bad Breath
Hair loss
▸ Tin is widely used in ayurvedic as well as allopathic forms as medication as it is proved to BOOST IMMUNITY and hence, is highly beneficial to consume.
▸ Tin is also used in various LIFE SAVING MEDICINES across the globe.
▸ Consuming food cooked in tin lined brass vessels also helps you getting a healthy and glowing skin.
▸ Tin supports the function of adrenal gland – one of the jey glands of human body. Since adrenal gland controls cardiac function, tin deficiency can result in cardiac insufficiency; also breathing difficulties, asthma, fatigue and depression."

Care & Cleaning

▸ Use only foam to clean the utensils. Any sharp object might damage the product.
▸ Use mild washing detergent, preferably liquid soap to clean the utensils
▸ In case of an elongated period of no usage of the products, prefer wrapping them in muslin cloth for storing
▸ Do not use dishwasher for any brass utensil as the detergents and salts will tarnish, etch and corrode the brass as well as silver.
▸ Wipe dry all the utensils immediately after cleaning them with water and detergent. This will help you keep your utensils free from any water spots."

Storage Instruction

▸ Store the utensils in a dry place away from sunlight when not in use.

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